Keukenhof Gardens – The Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens

Tulip Field in the Keukenhof Gardens


Keukenhof gardens should be on your to- visit list if you are a flower lover.

What you should know is that it is opened only two months per year – usually from the middle of March until the middle of  May. They say the best time to visit is mid-April since that is the time when you can see the flowers in their full glory.

So if it is on your bucket list to visit this place, you should plan your trip to The Netherlands in spring.

The Keukenhof gardens are one of the largest flower gardens in the world and they are located in Lisse – the South Holland province of The Netherlands (south-west of Amsterdam).

The gardens are huge – they cover up to 32 hectares of land! and there are around 7 million flowers planted all over the wast area. You can walk between the colourful patches of tulips and other plants for hours while enjoying the amazing diversity the nature has to offer.



Keukenhof Gardens


My personal favourite thing in the gardens was an imitation of a river, made out of  blue flowers. It is simply amazing.


Blue River in the Keukenhof Gardens

A river made out of blue flowers


There is also an inside pavilion where flowers are displayed in vases.


Inside Pavillion of the Keukenhof Gardens            Inside Pavillion of the Keukenhof Gardens


The park also contains an old windmill – one of the symbols of the Netherlands. This windmill dates back to the 17th century and you can even climb up to it’s top deck for an amazing view of the tulip fields (and some great photos).


Windmill and the Tulip Fields - Keukenhof Gardens

Windmill and the Tulip Fields


Overall, this place is pretty awesome and even if you just like the nature and its colours in general, you won’t regret coming here.

A single ticket costs 16 € and you can buy it in advance online.

But remember – the gardens are only opened in spring, so tickets are available only a few months before that.

You can check all the different tours offered by and Get your guide.

For a better image of what you can expect in the gardens, check the photo gallery below. 🙂


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I hope you like this post about the beautiful Keukenhof gardens.

Tell me in the comments bellow if you would like to visit this place, or if you’ve been there before!

Happy travels!



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